How A Defined Process Can Mitigate the Likelihood of Error


One of the most unforgiving aspects of the financial industry is the need for absolute accuracy in print and mail. In today’s hyperconnected world, these mistakes are costlier than ever. Simple errors can cause irreparable damage to member or customer trust, and can dramatically harm a company’s reputation. With the hectic pace of working at […]


Why is Target Messaging for Your Customer so Important


Have you ever had to sit through an ad that had nothing to do with your interests? Or listened to someone trying to sell a product you couldn’t possibly want? It’s irritating, and in a world oversaturated with advertising, everyone knows the feeling. The result? Audiences everywhere are now experts at tuning out irrelevant messages. […]


How to Select the Right Partner for Your Invoicing and Statement Needs


Once you’ve decided to outsource your document and statement needs, you’re faced with another big decision: finding the right partner. Any provider will offer their services, but how do you choose the best one for your organization in the long run? To help you with the decision-making process, we’ve put together this list of top […]


Solving the Logistic Nightmare of Statement Print and Delivery

statement printing

Running a credit union or bank means having a to-do list that never seems to end. No matter how much overtime your staff works or how many new hires you bring on, there will always be another bell ringing. Statement printing and mailing is no exception — it’s an essential yet troublesome component of operating […]


Variable Data Printing – Delivering the Right Message to the Right Customer

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If you work in marketing and advertising or deal with print media, you’ve probably heard of variable data printing. More than just an industry buzzword, variable data printing is a very powerful yet accessible tool for augmenting your marketing campaigns. Before we go any further, let’s define variable data printing to make sure everyone’s on […]


Why Credit Unions Are Putting a Larger Focus on E-Statements

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With each passing year, more and more credit unions are emphasizing e-statements. The appeal is easy to see: less paper, print, and mailing means a better bottom line. Anyone can recognize the cost-efficiency of e-statements, but there’s a few other benefits that people don’t always notice at first glance. In this blog post, we’re breaking […]

READ MORE Expands to Montana with a New Redundancy Facility

mountains in montana

Since its inception, has served as a leader in print, mail, and e-document solutions. With the addition of a western facing facility located in Helena, Montana, has cemented itself as a national provider of high-quality financial document solutions. Though the site opened in July of 2016, the process of establishing a new facility […]


How Credit Unions Are Helping Expand the U.S. Economy

2017 is proving to be a year of many uncertainties, and the United States economy is no exception. Though the nation’s economy has been steadily improving since 2011, the Great Recession is still fresh in public memory. Furthermore, 2016 heralded dramatic upheavals in international political and economic norms. Regardless of your political opinion, we’re facing […]


5 Advantages in Outsourcing Your Statement Printing Needs

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If you work at a credit union, bank, or municipality, you’re well-aware of the complex logistics of printing and mailing. Making sure every statement is printed and mailed accurately and on-time is a hefty amount of work, one that inevitably drains a large amount of your time and resources. Many companies incorrectly assume that statement […]